BIMmotion Launch

When the BIMmotion is launched, this window appear:

The project is extracted in a temporary place, and will be launched after that.

BIMmotion Settings

At the launching of the BIMmotion project, You have some options:

Note After the launching, you can revert from these option at any time.


Full screen or Windowed mode


When you have multiple monitors or a projector plugged in, you can choose which be used by BIMmotion.


Depends of the resolution of your monitor, you can choose various resolutions for the displaying of your project.


You can choose which quality is used by the BIMmotion Project at the launching time. Useful for low-end computers.

More about quality options here.

Enable Stereoscopy

If you have the material, you can choose to launch  the BIMmotion project in stereoscopy mode.

Note Take in account that this option can slow and freeze your screen if you don't have a good graphic card.


Side-by-side : each eye is displayed side by side. You need a specific monitor/projector and glasses to use this option.

Top-Bottom: each eye is displayed top/bottom. You need a specific monitor/projector and glasses to use this option.

Anaglyph: The left eye is colored in cyan, and the right in magenta. You don't need a specific monitor/projector but glasses with cyan/magenta lenses.

Eyes separation

You can change the separation of the eyes in the stereoscopy mode if you experiment discomfort. Can be used to enhance the feeling of the depth.

The default separation is good in most cases.

BIMmotion Interface


Navigation informations: Open this window to see how to navigate in the BIMmotion project


Settings: Same windows as at the starting of the project.

You can change several options, like enable stereoscopy, change the quality.

See Top of this page for more details.


 Flying mode: In this mode the camera is not constraint by the physic, and the speed is high.

 Pedestrian mode: In this mode the camera is constraint by the physic, and the speed is low.


Drop-Down menu to choose the month in order to change the sun orientation.


Time: Drag this button, to change the current time.


Show/Hide the interface by clicking on this button.


Snapshot: You can take a snapshot of the current view. This save it on the desktop


play/pause of the current camera clip.

Note When a camera is played, you can anyway turn the "head" while the camera move.


Drop-Down menu allows you to choose which camera to open. you can play it or move around from it starting position.


Drop/down menu to chose which phase to display.



Compass: Automatically updated when you're rotating the view.